BREAD Working Paper No. 549, November 2018

Interaction, Stereotypes and Performance. Evidence from South Africa Lucia Corno, Eliana La Ferrara, Justine Burns Abstract We exploit a policy designed to randomly allocate roommates in a large South African university to investigate whether inter-racial interaction affects stereotypes, attitudes and performance. Using Implicit Association Tests, we Önd that living with a roommate of a different […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 582, December 2020

Female Genital Cutting and the Slave Trade Lucia Corno, Eliana La Ferrara, Alessandra Voena Abstract We investigate the historical origins of female genital cutting (FGC), a harmful practice widespread across Africa. We test the hypothesis –substantiated by historical sources– that FGC was connected to the Red Sea slave trade route, where women were sold as […]