BREAD Working Paper No. 624, November 2023

Public Service Delivery, Exclusion and Externalities: Theory and Experimental Evidence from India Alex Armand, Britta Augsburg, Antonella Bancalari and Maitreesh Ghatak   Abstract This study explores the interaction between the quality of public services, the implementation of user fees, and the resulting potential for exclusion, that can lead to negative externalities. Our theoretical framework takes […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 532, January 2018

Longevity, Education, and Income: How Large is the Triangle? Hoyt Bleakley Abstract While health affects economic development and wellbeing through a variety of path- ways, one commonly suggested mechanism is a “horizon” channel in which increased longevity induces additional education. A recent literature devotes much attention to how much education responds to increasing longevity, while […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 563, March 2019

Nostalgic Demand Daniel Björkegren Abstract This paper attempts to understand demand for local and other nostalgic production in food. In U.S. household scanner data, nostalgically produced foods sell for a large premium. Controlling for income and demographics, experts who work in food production and health are no less likely to purchase nostalgic milk and eggs, […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 569, June 2018

On the Long Term Effects of the 1918 U.S. Influenza Pandemic Ryan Brown, Duncan Thomas Abstract Using the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, Almond (2006) concludes that in utero exposure to maternal health insults has a large, negative impact on socio-economic status that reaches well into adulthood. A key assumption underlying this research is that birth […]