BREAD Working Paper No. 535, February 2018

Demand for Information on Environmental Health Risk, Mode of Delivery, and Behavioral Change: Evidence from Sonargaon, Bangladesh Ricardo Maertens, Alessandro Tarozzi, Kazi Matin Ahmed,¬†Alexander van Geen Abstract Lack of access to reliable information on environmental exposure limits opportunities for risk- avoiding behavior, particularly in developing countries. Private markets could potentially play a role in providing […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 568, December 2019

Credit Rationing and Pass-Through in Supply Chains: Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh M. Shahe Emran, Dilip Mookherjee, Forhad Shilpi, M. Helal Uddin Abstract We extend standard models of price pass-through in an imperfectly competitive supply chain to incorporate rationing of trade credit. Credit rationing reverses predictions concerning effects of raw material import prices on pass-through […]