BREAD Working Paper No. 604, February 2022

Democratization, Elite Capture and Economic Development Andrew D. Foster and Mark R. Rosenzweig   Abstract We show using a theoretical framework that embeds a voting model in a general-equilibrium model of a rural economy with two interest groups defined by land ownership that the effects of democratization – a shift from control of public resources […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 560, 2019

The Effects of Schooling on Costless Health Maintenance: Overweight Adolescents and Children in Rural China Abstract Obesity is an important global health problem. Although obesity is not directly related to access to health care or constrained by resource deprivation, overweight status is predominantly found in poor, less-educated populations. This paper seeks to identify the causal […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 561, May 2019

Assessing the Benefits of Long‐Run Weather Forecasting for the Rural Poor: Farmer Investments and Worker Migration in a Dynamic Equilibrium Model Mark R. Rosenzweig, Christopher Udry Abstract The livelihoods of the majority of the world’s poor depend on agriculture. They face substantial risk from fluctuations in weather conditions. Better risk, credit and savings markets can […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 565, August 2019

Housing Prices, Inter-generational Co-residence, and “Excess” Savings by the Young: Evidence using Chinese Data Mark R. Rosenzweig, Junsen Zhang Abstract In many countries of the world the co-residence of young adults aged 25-34 with their parents is not uncommon and in some countries the savings rates of these age groups exceed those of the middle-aged […]

BREAD Working Paper No. 573, March 2020

Is Fish Brain Food or Brain Poison? Sea Surface Temperature, Methyl-mercury and Child Cognitive Development Mark R. Rosenzweig, Rafael J. Santos Abstract We exploit variation in the composition of local fish catches around the time of birth using large- scale administrative and census data on adult cognitive test scores, schooling attainment, and occupation among coastal […]